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860A1632a_5x7Kindra Sailers – Chief Advisor

A native Californian, Kindra Sailers has worked in California’s legal and financial industries for 30 years. A graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, Ms. Sailers holds designations as a California Certified Senior Advisor and a California Certified Long-Term Care Specialist. Along with holding insurance licenses in multiple states, she is also an Investment Advisor Representative enabling her to offer clients a comprehensive selection of financial products that meet their needs. “Each of our clients,” she explains, “has a different interpretation of what constitutes a successful retirement lifestyle.”

As President and CEO of Best Interest Financial Group., Ms. Sailers’ home office staff consists of all retirees, dedicated to growing clients’ savings with a focus on income planning and asset conservation.

Ms. Sailers enjoys spending free time with family, friends and her pack of animals. She volunteers with Concerned People for Animals in Camarillo, acts as a foster family for Camarillo Mission Pets and JJ Woffin’ Paws and spends a lot of time in dog training and agility lessons. When not with her animals, she is probably hiking a local trail, honing her gardening skills or travelling to warm water scuba diving locations.

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860A1620b_5x7Craig Cohen

Craig Cohen has been in the financial services business for over 40 years, pursuing his lifelong dream shortly upon graduating from San Francisco State University. After 35 years at a Fortune 50 property, casualty and life insurance company, Craig retired–only to soon realize he’d never hit a golf ball straight. He returned to the business of protecting families and their financial futures, six years ago.

A Certified Financial Consultant, (CFC), Craig notes he joined Kindra Sailers’ corporation, Best Interest Financial Group., in 2008, right as the country plunged into its worst financial disaster since 1929. “During this time,” he recalls, “I met so many people who had lost 30 percent, 40 percent, or even 50 percent of their retirement. I’m proud to say that not one of my customers lost a dime during this terrible financial crisis.”

Married, Craig spends as much of his free time as possible with his Granddaughter, Amanda, of whom he adds, “I’m not shy to say, is fantastic!”

860A1593a_5x7Dylan Johnson

Dylan Johnson moved to the advisory side of the firm in 2013 after seven years of working in different company positions. His client advocacy, coupled with his industry knowledge and passion for doing well by clients, makes him a great asset to the firm.

It also makes him the natural successor for Best Interest Financial’s clients at Kindra’s and Craig’s retirement or demise. He is currently pursuing financial coursework and participating in a mentorship program with Ms. Sailers and Mr. Cohen.

Dylan enjoys hiking, working out, travelling and scuba diving.




lexiLexi Sue

Lexi Sue Sailers is our Camarillo office greeter and Official Mascot. She has been greeting clients since 2007 when she was just twelve weeks old. She has made fast friends with many of them. When she is not entertaining people, Lexi Sue enjoys long walks, playing with her toys and volunteering for tummy rubs!

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