“We find out what your goals are and then find the most efficient and effective ways to get you there. Our Retirement Specialists excel at tailoring personalized strategies to maximize the earning power and the safety of your dollars. Strategies are not limited to, but can include features such as:”

  • Guaranteeing Income that you can never out live.
  • Tax Sheltering.  We make sure you are in the most advantageous investment vehicles to keep your money in your pocket.
  • Creditor Proof your assets.
  • Probate Avoidance to alleviate the financial and emotional burdens on your heirs that occur when dealing with the courts whilst grieving the your loss.
  • Legacy Maximization, to optimize transfers of wealth.  This is how America’s wealthiest families maintain that status generation after generation.
  • Disinheriting the IRS from your estate.
  • Avoid the Economic Impact of Losing a Spouse.  This grossly overlooked issue can leave the surviving partner financially devastated.
  • Insuring Safety of Your Assets, even in an environment where interest rates are lower than inflation and the market is unstable.
  • Arbitrage products to your benefit.
  • Social Security Optimization. Let us show you when to activate your Social Security  to best suit your retirement needs.  There are many more factors to this equation than one would think.
  • Pension Maximization Strategies.  If you have a pension, determine which will be the most efficient way to receive your money.
  • 401k Conversions.