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Who We Are

Our story begins with Kindra Sailers, the Founder and CEO of Best Interest Financial Group. After working as a captive insurance agent and being told to sell the flavor of the day even if other companies offered products to better suit the clients’ needs, Kindra did not feel that was the ethical thing to do so she sought a better solution. Kindra opened her own firm, allowing her to OFFER CLIENTS THE BEST PRODUCTS FOR THEIR INDIVIDUAL CIRCUMSTANCES, not the products a company told her to use to help their profits.

The business began to grow rapidly with the reputation of Best Interest’s genuine desire to help people and doing a great job for those we serve.  Kindra realized that she could help more folks if she hired like-minded people – enter Craig Cohen.

Prior to working at Best Interest Financial Group, Craig was a client who had over 40 years of experience as an executive in the insurance industry and was impressed by both the caliber of service he received, as well as the sincerity of Best Interest Financial Group in doing what is in THE CLIENTS’ BEST INTEREST.  With Craig’s experience and connections in the industry, his choosing of Best Interest Financial Group to not only work for, but also to invest with, speaks to the quality of service we provide to our clients.

In fact, when you call into the main office you will most likely be talking to a client! Ruth, Sandra, and Mario were all clients before becoming employees. They found that retirement gave them a little more free time than they knew what to do with and wanted something to do part-time. At Best Interest, we ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THE CLIENTS, so when Kindra had job openings, she recalled those conversations and offered them positions within the company.

Kindra did not hire clients that she did not like for the simple fact that Best Interest Financial Group does not partner with people we do not pair well with.  Not only do our clients choose us, but we choose them as well. A big part of the first meeting is to feel each other out and see if we are a good match for you and you for us. This is important to us because as a client, we stay in touch with you and thus view our relationship with you as a partnership rather than just a “part of doing business”.

The day will likely come, many years from now, when Kindra would like to join her clients in retirement. Being that planning and preparing in advance is the nature of our business, it should come as no surprise that our CEO has a plan to ensure that even after she retires all of Best Interest’s clients are well looked after. To make sure that clients are always looked after, Kindra has chosen her son, Dylan Johnson.

Dylan has been working at Best Interest for over 8 years on various capacities, all the while asking Kindra when he could work with clients on an advisory level. At first, Kindra was not sure that clients would be confident in the capabilities of such a fresh faced adviser with their retirement dollars. After several years of aging as well as demonstrating his competence by assisting in the development of many retirement plans, we welcome Dylan as our newest advisor.  This will work well for our clients as it means that when Kindra is ready to retire, the company will not be sold to new management and our clients left to cope.  Instead, our clients will know and have a relationship with Dylan who they will have known for twenty years by this point, making it a seamless transition.